Our Expertise

We want you to have the perfect driving experience. Our highly-trained technicians will make sure that your car is always at peak condition.

Regular Health Check-up

We want your car to give you the best performance possible. Regular check-ups would leave no issues unnoticed. Our technicians can expertly diagnose and fix any problem to ensure that your DFSK automobile is always at the top.

Express Check-up

Hit the road and go on an adventure with no trouble. Our experts will check for old brakes, wrong tire pressure, and other issues that could make or break a journey. Here at DFSK, we want to ensure that you car can safely traverse any terrain, giving you the ease-of-mind that you deserve.

Preventive Maintenance

Proper lubrication ensures that your car's engine is always working at optimal levels. Checking the oil and replacing the filter is crucial to avoid heat buildup. Our mechanics will do all the hard work involved with oil changing, to make sure that your DFSK automobile is always ready for the long drive.

Schedule a Maintenance

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